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Hello everyone! I will soon be buying an Xbox 360  so im looking for peoples gamer tags. Post your tags as a comment along with some tips for some games I might want to get! I appreciate all comments. Thank you.


Hey guys! check this dude out! his posts are right on!

Wow! The last time i was on here was july 2009! (almost a year! ) And since then out of all of my blogger friends only 2 are still actively blogging. I know this seems stupid but it makes me sad. 😦   ~Chip

Hi everyone! I’m back blogging now! I have been busy with facebook so thats why it’s been a while. Please keep coming! I’ll try to post at least once a week and ill be online daily.

Incase you didn’t know, I don’t like movies that involve the end of the world. And this was one of them! It’s about a girl that can tell when disasters happen. And she wrote down all of the dates of when they are going to happen. 50 years later, the girl is dead and every date she wrote down has happened. And a guy finds the dates that are yet to come! It would spoil the movie if  I said anymore. Watch it? Yes! Not suggested for kids under ten. It is kind of creepy at times! I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.

This movie is titled a classic in my book. It’s about the president riding with his family in his plane (airforce one) and they are having just the loveliest time when suddenly a bunch of the people on board hold everyone on the plane hostage. While they think the president escaped in the escape pod, he really stayed behind to kill the evil terrorists. Will He succeed? Or is this the end? IIt is an “R” rated film so it’s not suggested for kids under twelve. I’ll give it a 4 out of five. This was a Spectacular Movie!

When I was looking on the box of this film, I saw it was rated pg-13 for violence and all of that. But what really caught my attention is that it said slime on the rating. And BOY does this movie have slime! Enough slime you could get sick! The storyline is predators come from space and aliens that hatch from eggs on earth. So they get into a war at some arctic place on earth. But a bunch of humans that our exploring around that area get caught in the middle of it! And I’m sad to say but some, (ahem) ALOT, of the humans die. This is a gruesome film. Not suggested for kids 11 and under. I did enjoy it after all. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 rating.

People said this movie was great. And I agree with them 100 percent! One thing that was really cool is that they had the original Mr. spock from the old star treks. And just incase you didn’t know this, this star trek takes place as the movie before the first movie. I’m sorry If that doesn’t make sense. It’s basically the story of how spock and the captain meet and become friends. Now that I’ve seen this movie I’m a total star trek nerd, and want to see all of the movies!!! I’ll give this movie a 3 and a half out of 5.

Hi, It’s chipdasportsman wishing everyone a happy Independence day!

This movie is so classic! What made it so good was it really gave me a taste of what the Revolutionary War would look like. I definitely recommend you watch this! But I do not recommend it for small children under ten. But it is a pretty light movie for an “R” rating. Once again I’ll give it a 4 and a half out of five. It just barely missed my mark of a five star movie.